Hot Life Science Nation 2: Family Office Makes Direct Investments in Several Areas

12 Dec

A multi-family office based in the Central US is looking to make direct investments in a variety of sectors including healthcare & life sciences.  Investments from this firm in early-stage companies are typically in the form of equity, whereas debt investments in later-stage companies may be considered.  The office’s allocations are highly variable, but are typically at least $3 million.  The firm primarily invests in US-based companies, but Canadian companies may also be considered.

Within the life science sector, the firm has diverse interests, with a primary focus on medical devices and medical service providers (including biotech R&D services and healthcare IT companies). Investments in therapeutic drug development may also be considered. The firm is a generalist investor, and is open to investing in both preclinical and clinical-stage companies and considers opportunities on a case by case basis. While the firm will consider investments in almost any indication, they prefer to invest in large markets, and do not consider investment opportunities in rare diseases.

This family office seeks to invest in solid management teams that have developed a product based on proprietary, patented technology. While the firm does make investments into pre-revenue companies, they require that the company have a clearly defined path to revenue.

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