Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Virtual Pharma Seeking Small Molecule & Peptide Therapeutics

30 Jan

A family office-funded virtual pharma company in the US is looking to make 2 equity investments of $5-$6 million into early stage biopharmaceutical companies over the next 6-9 months. The firm prefers to invest into companies located in the North Eastern United States. The firm also plans to utilize its parent company’s efficient development program to develop a data package that will be the basis for a license/partnership with a larger company.

The firm is primarily interested in Therapeutics companies with particular interest in small molecules and peptides. The firm is opportunistic in terms of indication and will consider orphan and niche diseases however there must be a significant unmet medical need for the product to be considered. In terms of phase of development, the firm is not interested in companies in the discovery stage and will only consider companies that are at least well involved in animal trials and looking to move into human trials within a short timeframe. The firm will also consider investing into companies that are in clinical trials up to Phase IIA. Ideal companies will have a clear path ahead of them in terms of proving biological activity and/or efficacy well accepted endpoints or surrogate markers in clinical trials.

The firm is only looking to invest in virtual companies. The firm is also looking to have an active role on the company’s management team. While the firm is not looking to replace the original management, they are not looking to be a passive investor either.


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