Life Science Investors Step Into The Spotlight

20 Mar

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

Dennis book

I created the RESI conference as a result of canvassing all the “investor” conferences worldwide and finding few actual investors participating. The Redefining Early Stage Investments Conference is a full day conference targeted at moving early stage biotech and medtech companies forward by fostering dialogue between innovators and active investors from around the world. With more than 400 attendees and over 500 partnering meetings already scheduled for next Monday, March 24th, the RESI conference is poised to be “the” investor partnering conference this year. Moreover, there is nearly a 1:1 ratio of early stage fundraising companies and active investors at RESI, suggesting that it will be unparalleled in terms of fundraising opportunity.

RESI has partnered with Meeting Mojo, an emerging partnering portal based in the UK. Together RESI and Meeting Mojo have created a customized solution based on providing in depth, meta tagged, profiles that can be searched by conference attendees for a specific fit for their firm and product. In addition, by leveraging LSN’s Investor Platform we were able to provide added depth by importing current investment mandate data directly into the investor profiles. This has provided the foundation for a great partnering experience based on current investor mandates matching up with emerging biotech and medtech startups that fit the investment criteria.

One of the most compelling facts is that more than half the meetings already scheduled are between biotech/medtech companies and investors. This equates to 263 discussions taking place in under 10 hours. LSN’s analysis shows interesting trends in the charts provided. For example, the third biggest category of meetings is among investors meeting with other investors. This makes sense, as a good amount of investors are looking for co-investors and partners for their portfolio companies. Another emerging trend is that service providers are eager to meet with investors. One explanation for this is that service providers are now funding promising startups and seeking to partner with investors as part of the new paradigm thus becoming a new deal sourcing channel.

The Redefining Early Stage Investment conference continues to evolve as partnering takes on a life of its own. There are 700 potential meetings at RESI, and there are bound to be some fascinating results.

Investor & Biotech/Medtech 54%
Biotech/Medtech & Service Provider/Consultant 20%
Investor & Investor 7%
Investor & Service Provider/Consultant 7%
Miscellaneous 6%
Biotech/Medtech & Government Organization 2%
Service Provider/Consultant & Service Provider/Consultant 2%
Investor & Government Organizations 1%
Biotech/Medtech & Biotech/Medtech 1%
Government Organization & Service Provider/Consultant 1%


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