Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: Venture Capital Looking Globally for Healthcare IT, Big Data Analytics, Bioinformatics and Genomics

17 Apr

A venture capital company based on the West Coast of the United States is currently making investments out of its second fund. The firm looks to make seed and series A investments ranging from $50,000 to $5 million in the initial round with additional capital reserved for follow on financing pending the company has reached positive milestones. The firm is actively seeking new investments and is looking globally for opportunities.

The firm is currently looking for companies in sectors of Healthcare IT, Big Data Analytics, Bioinformatics and Genomics with special interest for applications of personalized medicine and predictive diagnostics. Though the firm has made medical device investments in the past, the firm is generally shifting away from devices that enable treatment and is focusing on software and software enabled devices that are used to generate and/or analyze biological data. The firm is especially interested in scalable platforms that have the potential for use in more than one indication or aspect of healthcare. The firm is generally open in terms of indication though they have invested in the past with companies working with chronic disease such as cancer as well as behavioral health and pain.

The firm is looking for privately held companies with experienced management teams. The firm looks to help the companies pivot and develop their technologies adding strategic value in addition to just capital.

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