Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: CVC of Tech Giant Looking to Invest in Healthcare IT and Connected Devices

24 Apr

The corporate venture capital arm of a large tech company is currently seeking to invest the in intersection of software and biology. The fund invests in companies at a variety of developmental stages and investments therefore vary widely, but typically range from $1-10m of equity. The firm is looking for opportunities globally.

Within the medical technology sector, the firm is interested in the intersection between communication and health, and particularly in technologies that improve delivery of patient care and make care more cost-effective.  Areas of focus include traditional healthcare IT (particularly data and communications in a hospital setting), personalized medicine, mobile health technology (including connected medical devices, consumer apps, and patient monitoring technologies that can be used both inside and outside hospitals), and genomic platforms that provide actionable information for patient care (technologies used purely for gene sequencing are not of interest).  While it is not an area of primary focus, connected lab equipment may also be of interest.

The firm invests only in privately-held companies. The firm backs innovative, creative entrepreneurs with expertise in their fields, and who are developing solutions that will have an impact on the health marketplace.

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