Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: PE Fund Looking for Therapeutics and Devices with Human POC

1 May

A Private Equity firm based in the western United States The firm is currently making investments out of its vintage 2014 healthcare centric fund. The firm looks to make primarily growth equity investments ranging from $5-$30 million with most investments falling in the $10-$30 million dollar range. The firm is willing to review opportunities from around the Globe.

The firm currently interested broadly in the healthcare space including Medical Technology, Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Laboratory Equipment, Healthcare IT and R&D services. For medical technology the firm is looking for companies that have at least an alpha prototype and have some efficacy data.  For companies working with therapeutics the firm is looking for assets that are in Phase II of clinical trials and will only consider companies in Phase I if they have efficacy data. The firm generally does not look for companies in the cardiovascular space and they are open to orphan indications. The firm is also open to investing in companies that have products already on the market.

The firm looks for a strong management team to be in place and is open to invest in both private and publically held companies. For companies that are privately held the firm generally looks to take a board seat.

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