Tips for Getting an Investor’s Attention

21 May

By Michael Quigley, Research Manager, LSN


LSN identifies and contacts new life science investors worldwide on a daily basis. Over time, the research team has developed several methods for getting a foot in the door when we don’t have a prior relationship. We’ve written previous articles about preparing introductory emails. However, this article describes techniques that can be used when those emails go unanswered.

In our experience, receiving a response to an investor email largely depends on three factors: investor fit, clarity of message, and a respect for the investor’s process. In other words, you need to find firms that are likely to have an interest in your opportunity and then reach out to the appropriate people with a lucid email. However, if you have done this and haven’t heard back, these tips may help stimulate a response.

The Second Attempt

Resending your initial email with “Second Attempt” at the beginning of the subject line has proved to be successful. This may sound forward or aggressive, however, investors are generally not offended. In fact, they often respect the persistence of an entrepreneur. Investors usually don’t have the capacity to read all of the emails they receive, which is why this approach can work. I’ve even been thanked for the reminder on occasion.

The Admin: A Secret Weapon

Administrative assistants are the gatekeepers of the investor world. As such, they have a tremendous amount of power and knowledge. They screen calls and emails, coordinate meetings, and often understand more about the interests of their firm than you might think.

When you have been unable to reach an investor, attempting to contact the admin with a request for help can often prove fruitful. Whenever speaking with an admin, be it by phone or email, it is crucial that you be courteous, as he or she will be passing your information up the chain and you want to give a positive impression. By having your verbal message or succinct email passed on by the admin, you are again demonstrating respect for the time and process of the investor, as well as showing persistence in a professional manner, something investors love to see in entrepreneurs.          

A Quick Question

When all else fails, send an email with the subject “Quick Question” (or something similar) and a clear, direct message that reads: “Is XYZ Ventures seeking new investments in the life science space? I have been trying to get in touch with the firm for some time but without success.” This can be effective because it is often an easy email for an investor to respond to. Then, when you have begun an email dialogue, you can easily introduce the investor to your opportunity with a brief email, pitch deck, and executive summary.

There are instances where this technique or the others won’t work. However, they will help you improve your odds. Good luck!

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