Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Venture Arm of Health Insurance Seeking Technologies to Lower Cost of Care

12 Jun

The Venture investment arm of a health insurance provider is looking to acquire and grow ventures with pre-money valuations from $10M-50M. The firm will consider flexible investment structures on a case-by-case basis and seeks to launch 3-5 new ventures each year. The firm invests worldwide with special interest in geographic areas with a large population of senior citizens. The group seeks technology and services that will be available in the Massachusetts market.

The firm seeks to make strategic acquisitions and investments and is solely motivated by reducing the cost of healthcare through scientific discovery and technology. Primary areas of interest include diagnostics, monitoring, preventative medical technology, automation, hardware, and software. The group will only consider technologies with health related applications.

The firm is especially interested in technologies that will impact the senior or low-income markets, including diabetes prevention and technology that can increase access to seniors. The firm seeks low risk technology; it has not invested in biotech but would consider investments in the space. The firm seeks early stage technology still in development.

The firm seeks companies with a management team experienced in one or more of the following: new ventures, healthcare development, software, mobile technology, healthcare administration, or primary care. The group seeks companies that can benefit from reaching a wide range of users through its parent company.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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