LSN Announces Life Science Fundraising Accelerator

19 Jun




Nono Hu, Marketing/PR Manager

(617) 580-5011

LSN Announces Life Science Fundraising Accelerator

BOSTON (June 19, 2014) — Life Science Nation (LSN), in collaboration with the UMASS Boston Venture Development Center (VDC), announces Life Science Fundraising Accelerator, a program designed to fill the void in the procurement of early stage life science capital. Currently, the scientist-entrepreneur struggles to go “the last three feet” and get in front of an investor, create a dialogue, build a relationship, and secure capital allocations.

The Life Science Fundraising Accelerator is a 90-day program that:

  • Prepares start-ups for a global fundraising campaign
  • Educates the founding team on the basics of raising capital in today’s competitive landscape
  • Packages the founding team for a fundraising campaign, creating the necessary branding and messaging, including a logo, tagline, elevator pitch, executive summary, PowerPoint presentations, and investor-centric website
  • Provides tactical, hands-on, assistance in executing fundraising campaigns, including setting up a cloud-based infrastructure to manage a list of investor prospects and the required follow-up that’s associated with an outbound direct-marketing campaign

This kind of acceleration is only available today to the largest biotech and pharma companies that work with top-tier investment banks in preparation for the all-important road show before an IPO.

Initially, the ideal candidates for the Accelerator program will be emerging biotech and medtech companies that have entered (or are preparing to enter) clinical trials. These start-ups have significant animal data, and possibly even some human data, and are likely seeking $1 million to $20 million to further develop an asset through the clinical-trial process.

Dennis Ford, CEO of LSN, noted that scientist-entrepreneurs experience a conundrum when it comes funding their entity. “Everybody understands their marching orders, but hardly anyone has been given the training and tools to carry out the mission,” Ford stated.

The Accelerator has two business aspects. The first is a traditional fee for service. The second is an evergreen grant initiative. The latter program hopes to recruit incubators into the program by having them nominate scientist-entrepreneurs who are ready for a fundraising campaign. The Accelerator program will provide these scientist-entrepreneurs with an evergreen grant (details to follow). This aspect of the program intends to be a self-funding vehicle so that other entrepreneurs can have the same opportunity.

William Brah, Director of the UMASS Boston VDC, said, “LSN and the VDC have been successfully piloting a version of this program for about a year. Early discussions with the incubator community show vigorous support for the project. The Massachusetts life science community has been working closely together for years and hopefully this program will garner traction quickly.”

Life Science Nation (LSN) accelerates the business of early stage life science through a sourcing platform. LSN researches and curates market intelligence on global early stage investment, tracking ten categories of life science investors. LSN also manages the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference series, which brings together global emerging biotech and medtech companies with early stage investors. LSN recently published a book, The Life Science Executives Fundraising Manifesto.

UMASS Boston’s Venture Development Center (VDC) was created to pursue new knowledge and train next-generation inventors. It is a mixed-use incubator designed to support technology and life science entrepreneurs. The VDC has a reputation for building community among life science entrepreneurs and delivering business tactics that help propel resident firms forward to commercialization.


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