LSN Garners 56 New Investor Mandates in June 2014

10 Jul

By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN

mike-2June was a fruitful month for LSN’s Research Team, yielding 56 new investment mandates from various life science investors around the globe. In order to grant our readership a better insight into the life science investment trends we are seeing real time, the LSN Research Team highlighted some interesting data points from the mandates we received throughout the month of June.

Diversification of Investor Types

The month produced mandates from a diverse pool of investor types spread across the 9 categories seen below.


This chart represents the diversity of investors that LSN communicates with on a monthly basis. We frequently stress the importance of reaching out to different categories of investors that are a fit for your firm to produce greater odds of creating a dialogue, and this chart demonstrates why.

Growing Interest in Investing Globally

Another point we have discussed is the growing interest investors have in seeing deal flow on a global level and the mandates we have received last month further validate that claim.


As you can see, a large number of investors are looking globally, stating specifically that they are interested in reviewing and allocating to opportunities from around the world. Reaching out locally is a great way to start your campaign; however, limiting your entire campaign to investors based on geographic distance can be detrimental to success.

Medical Technology Edges out Therapeutics and Diagnostics

Sectors of Interest in mandates from the month of June also yielded what may be considered contrarian results by many in the industry.

Medical Technology actually demonstrated the strongest level of interest based on investors that we spoke to in the month of June. We have noticed however that these investors tend to have more interest in companies further along in product development as addressed by my colleague, Lucy Parkinson, in the following article.

As LSN Research continues to uncover and interview more life science investors certain trends increasingly stand out. The two largest, and arguably most important to a fundraising entrepreneur are the growing diversification of investor types with interest in the space and the increasing number of global investment mandates that these groups have.  We look forward to keeping our readership abreast to all we uncover while speaking with these groups, and plan on having more periodic reviews of our recently obtained mandates.

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