Aggregating Early Stage Assets: RESI Conference Announces Virtual Pharma Panel

23 Jul

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

Tom 2One of the newer investor types to the life science arena are virtual pharmaceutical development companies. These firms are aggregating multiple assets and leveraging their internal clinical expertise to shepherd them through the development process. By doing so, these investors can invest in multiple companies, add distinct value, and get rewarded by the companies that succeed.

Moderated by Gene Williams, COO at Immune Pharmaceuticals, the audience will hear from:

Jarrod Longcor, CBO, Avillion LLP

Dennis Goldberg, President, Benu Biopharma

Baiju Shah, CEO, BioMotiv

Andrew Perlman, Managing Director / CMO, Velocity Pharmaceutical Development

Panelists will discuss their day-to-day operations, as well as their individual groups’ investment preferences. How are they funding their projects? What are their mandates for geographical location, management team and total investment size? Do they prefer to take a passive role, or does their firm’s model involve replacing the original management? Panelists will also shed light on their preferred investment sectors, sub-sectors, indications & phases of development – and how they typically structure the ownership of the assets they in-license.



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