Live Investor Leads Sent to Your Mailbox

28 Aug

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

Dennis bookAs the early stage life science landscape continues to shift and investors are raising new funds, altering their mandates or shifting into or out of the sector completely, it’s increasingly challenging to stay on top of what life science investors are looking for. If you read this newsletter you know that LSN’s philosophy is to find investors that are a fit for your technology and stage of development. This is much more efficient than reaching out blindly using a ‘shotgun approach’ to approach any investor that has ever been involved in life sciences. Raising capital is all about efficiencies. Remember, it’s a numbers game – an executive fundraiser will do infinitely better when reaching out to investors that you know are a fit for your firm. Vetting and regularly adding new investors to your target list is a necessary part of this process.

This is why the LSN Investor Platform added a new feature this week; Save Search, which allows users to save their global targeted lists of potential investors and receive email alerts daily, weekly, or monthly when LSN uncovers new investors that match these criteria, or if changes are made to the profiles or mandates on your list.

LSN’s profiling and matching technology allows you to filter for investors that are interested in your technology. You can search the LSN Investor Platform to find all the investors that have self-declared an interest in companies in your field through a one on one phone conversation with LSN’s researchers. You can now start the process of qualifying and contacting hundreds of potential investors, with live support from LSN’s Save Search feature to alert you to the newest investors in your field. You come into work on a Monday morning and new investor alerts are sitting in your email box.


Save Search and Set Email Alerts in LSN Investor Platform

Save Search and Set Email Alerts in LSN Investor Platform

When fundraising, it is critical to leave no stone unturned and to move quickly and efficiently. With this feature in place, entrepreneurs will be able to receive a constant flow of information on relevant investors, and can use these updates to get their technology in front of every potential partner LSN identifies, quickly.  Considering that the research team has been bringing in 20+ new and updated mandates per week, this allows for users to be able to get the maximum value of the platform by assuring that no potential investor falls through the cracks.


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