RESI Double Panel Announcement: Point-of-Care Institution & Fundraising Partners

28 Aug

By Tom Crosby, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

Tom 2

Institutional Strategic Investors: Point-of-Care Institution Panel

The lack of capital available for early stage life science companies has brought many different groups with strategic interests to the table. This panel aims to shed light on the institutional strategic companies that are now funding early stage commercial research in the space, many of whom have a primary goal of lowering the cost of care. Moderated by Monique Yoakim-Turk, Partner at the Technology Development Fund of Boston Children’s Hospital, the audience will hear from:

Groups including hospitals and healthcare providers will discuss their differentiating investment models and structures, as well as what they can provide beyond just capital. What types of technological innovations are these groups most interested in? How do they go about sourcing new opportunities? At what stage of development do they tend to get involved, what do they look for in early communications, and what is their role with a company’s development following investment?


I-Banks, 3PMs & Consultants: Fundraising Partners Panel

As early stage fundraising has been challenged of late, many emerging companies elect to use a fundraising partner — such as an investment bank, independent advisor or consultant — to take the lead on capital raising activity. The question is, can an investment bank make a random process more efficient?

Moderated by Colin Widen, CEO of Boston Innovation Capital, the audience will hear from:

The core of the discussion will focus on weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing your fundraising efforts. Panelists will discuss the unique characteristics among new entrants to the life science investor pool, and more importantly, how to access these entrants. What changes with your approach depending on the type of investor you’re dealing with? What are the different levels of time to participate among these investors? How does the picture change when working with for-profit vs. philanthropic players? The role of data as a fundraising tool will also be highlighted throughout the session.

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