RESI Panel Announcement: Patient Groups

11 Sep

By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN

mike-2Few people, if any, have stronger motivations for the advancement of innovative and effective new therapies than the affected patients and their families and friends. Patient groups are established as a way for these individuals to band together around a particular indication or branch of medicine to help move science forward. Formed by patients and for patients, these groups are looking to improve the standard of care by pooling their capital, scientific resources, and networks to aid in both academic and commercial-stage research.

The upcoming RESI Conference will host a patients group panel moderated by Steve Perrin of the ALS Therapy Development Institute. The panel will include the following speakers:

Joe Camaratta, Board Member, Founders Affiliate, American Heart Association

Annette Bakker, President & CSO, Children’s Tumor Foundation

Steven Young, President & COO, Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute

Monica Gow, Executive Director, Wake Up Narcolepsy

How do these organizations help bridge the gap between the early discovery interests of academia and the late-stage clinical development expertise required by the pharmaceutical industry? How do these groups support high-risk programs and, at the same time, de-risk opportunities so that they become tractable commercial assets for partnership? What strategies do these organizations use to finance translational research through IND-enabling studies and POC clinical trials, and what do they expect in return from potential partners downstream?

Learn the answers to these questions and others by attending this panel at the RESI Conference next week.


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