Successful Life Science Entrepreneurs Tell Their Tales from the Road

9 Oct

By Nono Hu, Senior Manager, Branding & Messaging, LSN

Nono 2At the third Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference, LSN brought together successful life science entrepreneurs who were at various stages of their fundraising campaigns and asked them to share their experiences. The panel discussed what the early stage fundraising process was like for them and how others can build an outbound marketing campaign to raise money.

The panelists shared their insights on fundraising through the 4s framework: sourcing, screening, segmenting, and selling. Click on the video link below to hear the views of scientist-entrepreneurs in the life science industry.



Rick Berenson, CEO, Thermalin Diabetes


Barbara Fox, CEO, Avaxia Biologics

Fred Colen, President & CEO, BeneChill

Richard Gauthier, Head of Business Development, Microbiotix

Gabor Bethlendy, CCO & Founder, Parabase Genomics

Michael Tippie, CEO, TomegaVax


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