Life Science Nation and FreeMind Group Align In San Francisco for Early Stage Fundraising Executives

26 Nov

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

Dennis bookToday, Life Science Nation (LSN) accelerates the funding of early stage life science firms via a sourcing platform for private investment, making CEOs more efficient in their capital raising efforts. The FreeMind Group (FMG) specializes in assisting life science organizations secure non-dilutive funding from US Federal Agencies and Private Foundations. LSN and FMG are experts in early stage private and non-dilutive funding respectively, and this complementary expertise fully supports the early stage financing needs of life science entrepreneurs.  As both of these financing sources are vital to early-stage financing, CEOs benefit from understanding both domains:  LSN’s 10 categories of private early stage and FMG’s governmental non-dilutive funding.

LSN and FMG have been working side by side for years, and recently saw that combining both pools of attendees at their respective conferences could transform each from a one-day event into a two-day conference offering dynamic partnering and compelling financing content to the early-stage CEOs visiting San Francisco during the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Dennis Ford, CEO, LSN, stated “FreeMind and LSN give scientist entrepreneurs a 360 degree view of all the funding options available today.  Both the private and governmental capital landscape has morphed over recent years and I think this is a fabulous opportunity to help early stage CEOs get up to speed on both financing options. A savvy entrepreneur will go after all the capital available to them, both non-dilutive and private.  Indeed, most early stage companies already have a hybrid of each type of funding.  It’s part of the early stage gestalt.”

Ram May-Ran, Managing Partner, FMG, explained “Raising capital is fundamentally a numbers game.  Each financing option needs to be thoroughly explored, and that means both private and non-dilutive.”  Ram went on to say that many government funders offer matching funds for private capital brought into a company.  “It makes total sense for the CEOs to investigate and become knowledgeable on all the funding alternatives as this can greatly reduce the time spent raising capital.”

LSN owns and operates the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference series.  The next RESI will be held on January 13th in San Francisco, at the Marines’ Memorial Club and Hotel. FMG owns and operates the Non-Dilutive Funding Summit, which will be held on January 14th in San Francisco at the Nikko Hotel. By virtually connecting these two events, attendees at LSN’s RESI will automatically be registered for FMG’s Non-Dilutive Funding Summit, and in turn Summit attendees will be able to get a discount coupon to register for RESI.  Executives from each firm agree that this may become an ongoing relationship, as creating these venues for partnering and fundraising can support a groundswell to aid in the commercialization of science.

For more information on LSN and RESI:

For more information on FMG and Non-Dilutive Funding Summit:

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