RESI 4: A Recap

12 Feb

By Lucy Parkinson, Senior Research Manager, LSN

lucy 10*10In January, RESI came to San Francisco for the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference week.  LSN was thrilled that so many of you were able to join us there on January 13th; over 500 attendees registered for RESI –  our largest crowd to date.  RESI 4 provided four all-day content tracks outlined in the RESI 4 Program Guide. Even attendees may have missed out on some of the excitement; our video recap below can fill you in on the full scope of the event.


This audience provided a vibrant mix of life science industry executives. Figure 1 shows what type of firm each attendee represented:

Figure 1 | Data as of January 13, 2015

The most striking fact about this breakdown is that the investors outnumbered the attendees from biotech and medtech startups.  The pre-existing relationships with investors and strategics developed by LSN Research and Business Development staff garnered over 200 investor registrations at RESI 4.  These investors were keen to book meetings with entrepreneurs and assess their innovative technologies; almost 60% of the meetings booked on the RESI Partnering system were between investors and entrepreneurs.  Here’s a closer look at who took meetings with whom at RESI 4:

Figure 2 | Source: RESI Partnering Platform, Data as of January 13, 2015

Interestingly, investors booking meetings with fellow investors was the third most common meeting type.  This continues a trend we’ve noticed at previous RESI events: investors are interested in meeting with each other to discuss potential syndication or strategic opportunities, or possibilities for future collaboration.  RESI is a stellar venue to facilitate these meetings, given how many investors are present; RESI also offers investors the opportunity to use the RESI partnering platform to hone in on investors with common strategic interests in terms of indication area or stage of development focus.

RESI provides two core experiences; the opportunity to hear investors outline their mandates and methods of investment at RESI’s panels, and the opportunity to hold partnering meetings with fellow attendees.  By gathering so many luminaries in the early-stage life science world together under one roof, RESI creates an atmosphere that leads to a huge number of ad hoc meetings – more than we could count.  Whether it’s after a panel, at the reception, or in the exhibition hall viewing the RESI Innovation Challenge, LSN witnessed attendees engaging with each other in a highly productive environment throughout the day.  With more investors than early-stage entrepreneurs present, RESI 4 provided life science startups with an excellent opportunity to network with early-stage investors who are relevant to their fundraising campaigns.

RESI continues to innovate, with a new array of panels including a track devoted to medical technology investment.  LSN looks forward to bringing RESI to new venues in the future, and to returning to San Francisco in 2016.

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