Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: VC Looking for Therapeutics Devices and Tools

19 Feb

A Venture Capital company with offices in the US and Europe is currently looking to make investments out of its fourth fund. The firm is looking to make venture stage investment generally falling in the range of $2-$6 million though investments may fall outside of this range depending upon the opportunity. The firm also reserves additional capital for follow on rounds. The firm is most interested in companies based in the US although they are also open to investing in Eastern and Northern Europe, East Asia and Australia. The firm could make as many as 5-10 investments over the next year.

The firm is primarily interested in companies developing therapeutics and to a lesser extent medical devices and research tools. Within the Therapeutics space the firm has a slight preference for companies working with platform technologies although they are open to single asset companies as well. The firm is willing to invest in small molecules, biologics, and cell and gene therapy. The firm is willing to consider opportunities from preclinical through phase III of clinical trials though most of their investments will likely be allocated to later stage companies. The firm generally only considers pre-clinical stage companies if there is a clear path to exit in a shortened timeframe. The firm is highly interested in area of RNA therapeutics, Oncology, Structural Heart and Gene Therapy and is generally less interested in CNS disorders.  For medical device companies the firms looks for technologies that are into clinical trials with a working prototype and is agnostic in terms of technology type and indication.

The firm is looking for private or publically held companies, and has special interest in companies considering going public as well as secondary’s investments. The firm prefers to invest as a member of a syndicate and does not always require a board seat following investment. The firm looks to act as a value add investor helping companies expand their networks and filling in holes in existing management.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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