RESI @ TMCx Biotech Angels Panel Announcement

2 Apr

By Natasha Eldridge, Marketing Manager, Life Science Nation

natashaAngel investment often acts as springboard, supplying the capital required for life science companies to generate the data necessary to garner interest and secure funding from larger institutional players. This critical pool of capital should be on the radar for every fundraising entrepreneur in the space. In order to help Resi attendees in the biotech space better understand how to go about building relationship and securing an allocation from these groups LSN has assembles a panel of 5 representative from angel group with interest in the biotech therapeutics space. With representatives from groups based Texas, California, Pennsylvania, and Nova Scotia this panel is sure to bring some unique and diverse perspective on angel investment in the space.

Moderated by Bril Flint, Board Member, Central Texas Angel Network the audience will hear from:

Bernard Rudnick, Founding Member, Mid Atlantic Bio Angels

Brian Lowe, Co-Founder & Director, First Angel Network Association

Daryl Basham, Member, Houston Angel Network

Michael Jin, Managing Partner, TEEC Angel Fund

This session will help scientist entrepreneurs understand the perspective of an angel. Angels will explain their investment preferences, and those of their respective syndicates. What types of deals are most attractive to angels? How does an angel group filter, evaluate and parse the plethora of deals that surface? What do angels look for in the initial correspondence? If you are considering angel capital to help move your technology forward, you’re not going to want to miss this panel of experts.



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