RESI @ TMCx “The Internet of MedTech“ Panel Announcement

16 Apr

By Natasha Eldridge, Marketing Manager, Life Science Nation

natashaAs cost concerns in healthcare rise and medical device technology advances, LSN has encountered a large number of investors who take an interest in the convergence of medical devices and software. Many investors are interested in the potential of this new wave of connected medical and diagnostic devices, which will collect and transmit biological data in order to monitor chronic conditions and warn of complications before they occur.  The Internet of Medtech has the potential to change how healthcare is delivered, with data bridging the gap between providers and patients.

At RESI @ TMCx, LSN has introduced a new panel session devoted to investment in this rapidly developing field of innovation.  Moderated by Michael Greeley, General Partner, Foundation Medical Partners, the audience will hear from:

The five investors will share their approach to the Internet of Medtech, discussing important fundraising issues such as: How can you demonstrate that your connected device has the potential to provide clinical benefits?  What areas of healthcare are most in need of connected device innovation?  How should an Internet of Medtech entrepreneur build a market for their new device?


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