Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Family Office Looking Opportunistically in the Life Science Space

30 Apr

A private investment firm that was formed in 2001 to manage the capital of a successful entrepreneur and a concentrated, select group of other individuals and institutions is seeking to invest into privately held companies in the life science space. Because of the firm’s capital base, they have the ability to be highly flexible and move quickly with investment opportunities. The firm is currently focused on acquiring or investing in outstanding companies, co-investing with debt or equity sponsors, and committing capital to established third-party managers in the private and public markets. The firm can be flexible in terms of investment size and is open to reviewing opportunities from around the globe.

Within the Life Science space, the firm is primarily focused on companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical services space where the firm has significant experience and expertise. That being said the firm is also open to reviewing early stage companies developing therapeutics, medical device, diagnostics and laboratory equipment. The firm is opportunistic across technology types and indications for these opportunities and will consider companies with products in pre-clinical stage of development to those that already have a product on the market.

The firm is looking for companies with experienced management teams and will seek a board seat on a case by case basis when it is appropriate to do so. The firm is generally more comfortable with co-investing in early stage opportunities although they are not completely opposed to leading a round if the right opportunity were to present itself.

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