If You Build It, They Will Come!

30 Apr
By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN 

Dennis book

The list below represents the investors who are currently confirmed to attend the RESI @ TMCx conference this June 8th in Houston. This number can be expected to double during the final month leading up to the event. Whether you are just thinking of raising capital in the life science space or have actively begun the process, the RESI conference offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get some feedback and build relationships with the investors in your market.

As of April 28, 2015 | Click the image to learn more about the investors

The ROI from attending the RESI conference is pretty dramatic. A fundraising CEO can book up to 16 one-on-one meetings for the day through our partnering software, and more by taking advantage of the networking opportunities that are offered before and during the event. No matter where you are in the fundraising process, RESI @ TMCx is the place to start a dialogue that will hopefully evolve into a compelling relationship and ultimately an allocation.

What makes RESI such a uniquely valuable event for life science entrepreneurs is not only the number of active investors we bring to the table, but also their diversity. RESI has unigue value in that its primary focus is the bringing together 10 categories of investors, including family offices, corporate venture capital, large pharma and biotech, venture capital, and more as depicted in the chart below. This breadth of diverse early stage investor participation makes RESI a great fit for a life science fundraiser seeking any kind of investment, from seed money to series A or B capital to strategic partnership.

RESI @ TMCx Investors

Data as of April 28, 2015

Whether your company was just formed or you are looking for capital to fund your next clinical trial, it is never too early to start a relationship with an investor, and the RESI conference will have a strong showing of those with serious interest in the life science space. All of these investors will be profiled in our partnering software, which goes live next week and helps you schedule a meeting based on mutual fit with just a few clicks. Start the fundraising dialogue now. Register here.

Still have questions? Feel free to email or call our conference manager Natasha Eldridge at n.eldridge@lifesciencenation.com or 617-580-5001; she will be happy to address any concerns you have.

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