Partnering Launches Tomorrow, Get Your Meetings Before It’s Too Late!

7 May

By Alejandro Zamorano, VP of Business Development, LSN

Alejandro 10*10

Tomorrow the partnering platform for RESI @ TMCx goes live, making scheduling a meeting with relevant companies and investors just a few clicks away.

The sheer quantity and diversity of investors attending RESI, paired with the power of the RESI Partnering Platform, makes the RESI conference the place for early stage life science companies to meet investors that are a fit.

LSN has partnered with Meeting Mojo, an emerging partnering portal developer based in the UK to develop the RESI Partnering Platform. RESI attendees can use the system to find other attendees who are a fit for their product, development stage, and other relevant factors.  This highly customized solution uses metatagged profiles populated by LSNs propitiatory investor data that can be searched by the  entrepreneurs to pinpoint a specific fit for an investment mandate by one of the investment firms present at RESI. The RESI Partnering Platform provides the foundation for a one-of-a-kind partnering experience based on current investor mandates that can be easily matched to the emerging biotech and medtech startups that fit the investment criteria.

In short RESI partnering provides an opportunity for life science companies and investors to meet the right people, create compelling dialogues, and foster long-term relationships.


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