Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Innovative Private Equity Firm Looking to In-License Therapeutic Assets

21 May

An innovative private equity firm utilizing a virtual pharma (asset centric) model is looking to in-license early stage pharmaceutical assets, and is capable of providing $15-$20 million, or more, to get a project through proof of concept. The firm prefers to in-license or acquire individual pharmaceutical assets and is much less likely to make traditional equity investments into companies. Ideal candidates have yet to receive significant VC funding and the firm prefers to invest without syndicates. The firm integrates the founders and their company into a special purpose vehicle and works with them in a very close collaborative way to maximize the product value. The firm is interested in investing in projects around the globe and is capable of making 10+ investments over the course of the next year if enough high quality investments present themselves.

The firm is looking primarily for pharmaceutical assets and to a much lesser extent diagnostics and medical devices. The firm is willing to invest in assets that are as far as 12-18 months pre-IND to those that are early in phase I of clinical trials and ideal candidates are IND ready and preparing to enter phase I. The firm is open to all therapeutic areas and indications where proof of concept can be shown in early clinical trials. For medical device and diagnostic opportunities only very select programs of extreme appeal will be considered.

The firm is looking to partner with management teams that have an extreme understanding of the science behind their product that are willing to operate in a virtual environment. The firm acts as an extremely hands on investor often integrating investments into the parent company and ensuring that all assets are developed in the most effective manner with high focus on early development de-risking.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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