RESI @ TMCx Partnering Breakdown: Who Is Meeting with Whom?

4 Jun

By Michael Quigley, Director of Research, LSN


With just a few days left until the RESI@TMCx kicks off, we wanted to take a look into the partnering system to see what kinds of meetings have been booked. So far, over 550 meetings have been set up through the system. The chart below (Figure 1) shows the meetings booked so far at RESI@TMCx by the types of organizations that are participating.

The sheer number of meetings, however, is not what makes the RESI conference a valuable event; rather, it is the breakdown of who is in those meetings. The chart below (Figure 1) shows the meetings booked so far at RESI @ TMCx by the types of organizations that are participating.


Figure 1 | Source: RESI Partnering Platform | Data as of June 2, 2015

In total, 75% of the meetings booked so far are between investors and start-ups across the sectors of biotech therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare IT. Start-up–investor meetings are the staple of the RESI conference. Enabled by LSN’s proprietary investor data and partnering platform, these meetings are built around a fit between the company and investor to help foster meaningful connections and lasting relationships.

To take a deeper look into who is meeting with whom, let’s peel back another layer to see the types of investors that are meeting with these start-ups at RESI@TMCx (see Figure 2).

Figure 2

Figure 2 | Source: RESI Partnering Platform | Data as of June 2, 2015


The diversity of investor groups who are taking meetings helps to ensure that entrepreneurs have the chance to evaluate the full spectrum of private funding and partnership options. Large strategic companies in the pharma and medtech spheres along with their corporate venture divisions have taken nearly half of the total meetings. This could reflect the increasing level of interest from these players in identifying external innovation and building relationships early on. Both venture capital firms and angels represent a similar number of meetings taken followed by endowments/foundations and family offices. Understanding the types of active investors for which your opportunity is best positioned is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur, and very few conferences offer the diversity of investors that RESI brings to the table.

RESI also looks to create an atmosphere that leads to a huge number of ad hoc meetings. Whether in a conference room after a panel, at the receptions before and after events, or in the exhibition hall while viewing the RESI Innovation Challenge, LSN attendees have the opportunity to engage with each other in a highly productive environment throughout the day. We are very excited to see everyone in Houston and are looking forward to facilitating new, meaningful connections!

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