Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: Virtual Pharma Company Seeking to In-license Oncology Therapeutics

3 Sep

A virtual pharma company founded in 2010 is currently seeking to in-license assets in the oncology sector, and is open to partnering with companies worldwide. The firm uses a wide variety of partnership structures, depending on the stage of development of the asset in question. The firm assesses therapeutic opportunities regularly and makes a new intake of assets every 1-2 years. The firm is open to working with companies worldwide, but generally focuses on North America and Europe-based opportunities.

The firm is interested in oncology therapeutics with novel mechanisms of action, and is open to working with small molecules and biologics, but not cell therapies. The firm seeks assets at any stage of development, from early preclinical development onward. The firm may also consider partnering with companies developing biomarker diagnostic technologies that guide cancer care decisions. In addition to standalone assets, the firm is interested in potential combinations of oncology treatments in areas such as immuno-oncology, checkpoint inhibitors, and other types of agents with combination potential. The firm will consider opportunities in all cancers, including orphan cancers; the firm’s portfolio currently includes ovarian and breast cancer assets, but other areas of cancer will also be considered, including liquid tumors. The firm is not currently interested in supportive care.

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