Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 4: Middle East Firm Seeks Early-Stage Medical Devices

17 Sep

A holding company founded in 1962 and based in the Middle East invests in healthcare via an evergreen fund. The firm is a long term equity investor, and prefer to make their first investments into a company in early financing rounds. The firm’s allocations are therefore highly varied in size, from $100,000 to over $40 million throughout the life of an investment; financing is typically provided in tranches with milestone payments. The firm is generally a lead investor, and prefers to take a sizeable minority stake in a portfolio company (20% or more). The firm has the ability to invest globally but focuses on opportunities in Europe and the Middle East. The firm is highly selective regarding investment opportunities.

The firm invests across the medical device sector; the firm is open to considering the full range of device technologies and indications, including both diagnostic devices and devices with a therapeutic purpose. The firm is only interested in devices with the potential to target large markets and create new markets within healthcare; niche products are not of interest.

The firm works alongside medical device incubators, and is open to working with companies as early as the pre-prototype stage. The firm typically exits opportunities at or prior to commercialization stage, so in general market-stage companies are not of interest.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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