Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3:VC Fund Seeking Life Science Companies With Advanced Material Technologies

24 Sep

A VC fund based in the United States The firm invests in advanced materials technologies across several sectors, including life sciences. The firm is generally a lead investor, and commits up to $8 million per opportunity; investments may be tranched, with an initial commitment of $2-3 million. The firm is open to opportunities globally and has a partner based in Japan, but the firm primarily invests in North America.

The firm is interested in life science companies developing advanced material technologies. In the medtech sector, the firm is oriented toward diagnostic and delivery technologies (including both in vivo and ex vivo delivery); the firm is also interested in advanced materials technologies used in biotech R&D. Areas of interest include biomaterials, drug discovery tools, purification and separation techniques, electrochemistry, nanotechnology, microfluidics, and optics. In diagnostics, the firm is interested in new diagnostic applications of materials science including in sample collection, rapid tests, and biosensors used for real time monitoring; microbiomic diagnostics are also of interest. In addition to the aforementioned areas, the firm is interested in ‘blue sky’ applications of materials science in the life sciences.

The firm does not invest in products that are regulated as therapeutics; in the device space the firm is open to investing in 510k devices, but not PMA devices. However, the firm prefers to invest in technologies that do not require FDA approval. The firm invests in companies that have strong proof of concept data supporting their advanced materials. The firm is open to investing in companies that do not yet have products on the market.

The firm favors companies with partner-based business models, eg. companies developing an enabling technology that a larger partner will deploy to develop a new product. The firm has deep expertise in manufacturing; additionally, LPs include large pharma and medical device manufacturing companies, and the firm helps portfolio companies develop relationships with these strategics.If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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