Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 4: China-Based Pharma Seeking Oncology, Respiratory System, and Anti-infective Assets

29 Oct

A specialty pharmaceutical company is headquartered in China with offices in Hong Kong and California. The company focuses on product development and sales and marketing in four therapeutic areas: clinical nutrition, oncology, antibiotics and respiratory system. The company is interested in forming partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies that are interested in entering the Chinese market. The company is flexible in terms of partnering models, which includes in-licensing, co-development, exclusive distribution, joint venture, and product acquisition. The company is actively seeking products from the US and Europe.

The company is currently seeking products in the following therapeutic areas: oncology, respiratory system, antibiotics, clinical nutrition, and cardiovascular. However, the company is equally interested in other areas with unmet medical needs in China (such as CNS, GI, Nephrology, etc). The company will consider both small molecules and biologics. The firm is most interested in NCE or NCE-like molecules. The firm will only consider biosimilar or generics if there are no similar products or very few players with identical chemical/biological structure in China. In terms of phase of development, the firm will consider marketed and early-late clinical stage products for the five listed areas above. For other therapeutic areas, the company is looking for assets that have obtained regulatory approval in the US or Europe markets.

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