Early Stage Global Investors Converging on RESI@JPM

5 Nov

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN 


JPM week is a very busy time of year for the biotech and medtech industries. With investors’ January schedules already filling up, it’s important for entrepreneurs to get themselves in the right place at the right time in order to meet with the hundreds of investors who will be in San Francisco that week. That is how you create relationships that could lead to an allocation.

LSN’s Redefining Early Stage Investments San Francisco event will be taking place on January 12th, 2016, and is shaping up to be the most dynamic yet in terms of investors already signing up. Evidently, investors are more organized than the rest of us! I am pleased to announce that RESI already has 150 investors from 16 countries registered to attend the event. This early trend is on track to surpass our most recent events in Boston and at TMCx in Houston in terms of investor turnout.

If you’d like to see all the firms and funds that have already registered for RESI, click the image below. We’re excited to welcome these and many more investors to the greatest RESI yet. If you’d like to join us at RESI, register here.


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