Hot Investor Mandate 3: VC Invests In Therapeutics In Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases

10 Dec

A venture capital firm with offices worldwide specialises in early stage investments in the technology and life sciences sectors. The firm accelerates commercialisation of ground-breaking innovation through investments, experienced hands-on management and the intelligent use of partnering. The firm typically invest at seed stage or before a company has been formed and develop these early opportunities through preclinical phase; at late preclinical/early clinical stage the firm gets co-investors involved. The firm prefers areas where there are multiple capital efficient routes to market, with opportunities for early proof of concept or early outlicensing or exits. The firm manages a $150M fund and makes investments from $100K to $10M, depending on the opportunity. The firm is seeking a couple of opportunities to add to its portfolio. The firm invests in companies based in the USA and/or Europe.

The firm looks at early stage biotech therapeutics. In terms of indications, the firm is interested in anti-infectives and particularly antimicrobial resistance, as well as immuno-modulatory anti-inflammatory indications and orphan and rare diseases.

The firm looks for a strong management team with track record and a ground-breaking technology addressing an unmet need. The firm seeks to take significant minority stakes and board seats. In addition, the firm will provide hands-on support from its own bench of senior execs, experts and advisors to accelerate its ventures after investment.

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