Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference: Orphan & Rare Disease Investors Panel

10 Dec

By Christine A. Wu, Research Analyst, LSN


The orphan and rare disease space has gained significant traction among life science investors. Despite the smaller market populations and limited clinical trial participants in rare diseases, technology in this space has remained attractive to investors due to its expedited FDA process and its lack of current treatment options for such uncommon conditions. Overall, while there are many challenges, there remains a lot of hope to drastically impact patient populations, scientific advancement, and market potential.

RESI San Francisco will bring together well-established investors in the rare and orphan disease space on January 12th. Moderated by Mark Day, Executive Director and Head of External Research & Scouting of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, panelists will include:

Panelists will discuss the attractiveness of orphan and rare disease technologies in comparison to non-orphan opportunities; what the rare disease spaces offers to investors; the best way to position an orphan opportunity to a potential investor; the evaluation process in assessing products in the space; as well as common trends, challenges, and excitement in the scientific advancement of the field.

To all the hopefuls in the orphan and rare disease space, this panel is for you. Register for RESI San Francisco now to hear this panel live – partnering has already begun and this event will be LSN’s biggest RESI yet.


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