Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 4: PE Firm Seeks Seed, Spin-Out and Late Stage Life Science Opportunities

31 Dec

A private equity and advisory firm, based in Zürich, Switzerland, which has been founded in 1999. Along with providing private equity, the firm serves also as a corporate development and financial advisor to life science and technology companies through the firm’s VC and PE network. The firm has a primary focus on the Life Science sector and actively supports early stage companies in development. The firm has managed a 40M fund and is fundraising to close a larger fund in 2016. The firm focuses on companies based in Europe, though it would be open to US-based companies that have interest in establishing themselves in the European market and may have strong ties to Europe (i.e. representatives or office in Europe, European vendors, etc.).

The firm has a general interest in Life Sciences, especially concentrating on biotech therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices of all subsectors as well as digital healthcare opportunities. With regard to indications the firm is agnostic and has worked in the past in oncology, cardiovascular, anti-infective, autoimmune, CNS and in the field of vaccine technology. When investing, the firm prefers preclinical to early clinical stage companies that have a first proof-of-concept in-vitro or/and in-vivo. The company is focusing on seed round opportunities and spin-offs in which the firm could actively engage. It would be advantageous if the product and service offering is based on a proprietary platform technology. The firm will look at commercialized/late stage products or technology far down the development timeline especially with respect to its business development activities offering.

The firm prefers a management team with experience in the industry, though understands that at the seed stage, there will be gaps in the management team that the firm will help to fill with own resources or drawing on its extensive network in the industry. The firm will also look at assets spun out of institutions including universities and research institutions or the pharmaceutical industry, and will support the scientist entrepreneurs in business development by integrating with the company and delivering managerial support where necessary.

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