Hot Investor Mandate 1: Private Wealth Fund Seeks Series B-C Opportunities in Innovative Biotech and Medtech

11 Feb

A growth stage venture firm backed by a sole investor manages a portfolio of companies that spans across a variety of industries; about a third of the portfolio is in the healthcare medtech space. The firm has a specific competitive advantage as a long lifetime fund with the ability to invest throughout the lifetime of a company. The firm currently manages a $540M fund and typically invests in series A/B/C rounds with a preference towards series B/C technology at the growth equity stage. The firm typically invests globally at $10M-$30M per company.

The firm has particular interest in innovative products that can apply to other sectors. The firm has particular interest in medical technology—including biodiscovery platforms, next-generation surgical treatments and devices, biomaterials, dental devices, imaging, and regenerative medicine—though is sector agnostic. The firm is also open to therapeutic and diagnostic technology with innovative pathways, as well as both 510K and PMA devices with clear regulatory pathways (FDA approval/benchmarks). The firm typically invests in preclinical/in development technology, though is open to technology in all phases of development. The firm is indication agnostic and has particular interest in pursuing innovative technology in areas where there is not a lot of trending interest with the ability to be the first in the market.

The firm prefers companies with considerable insight and experience in the space. The firm highlights strong, animated founders with transformational vision and technology that have the potential to produce significant revenue traction. The firm supports what is best for the company, whether it be taking a board seat after an investment or helping fill the management team.

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