Hot Investor Mandate 2: Corporate VC Seeks Therapeutics In Oncology, Regenerative Medicine, Inflammatory, and Immune Disorders

17 Mar

The corporate venture arm of a large global pharmaceutical company seeks to make strategic investments into early-stage companies that are aligned with the parent firm’s R&D focus. For equity investments, the firm prefers to maintain <15% equity stake in the company, and participate in rounds where lead investors include VC firms or other institutional investors. The venture arm is able to contribute additional non-dilutive resources that can increase the probability of successful product and business development. The group maintains a flexible approach to all investment opportunities. The group seeks to make investments of up to $5M, and usually targets 3-4 investments per year.

The firm’s core focus is on therapeutics, but is also open to invest in improved efficiencies in drug discovery & development, new platforms for target and drug discovery, drug delivery and is beginning to look into digital health solutions that fall within the company’s main R&D focus areas. Currently, the firm is most interested in chronic inflammatory and immune disorders (particularly for gastrointestinal diseases), oncology, regenerative medicine and vaccines; not currently as interested in cardiovascular or CNS indications. The firm does not invest in traditional medical devices or diagnostics. Although the firm is just beginning to explore digital health/health IT, the firm would be open to evaluating healthcare-related software platforms, wearable for health monitoring or digital, companion diagnostics (digital solutions that complement traditional therapeutics).

The firm’s primary focus is on start-up/seed rounds, through mid-stage financings – pre-clinical through Phase II. The firm is open to follow-on rounds of investment where they assist in driving promising projects to fruition, and strategic alignment of the investment remains true. The firm respects the autonomy of the institutions it invests in, and will usually seek passive investment terms, providing strategic management input only when requested. However, the firm will require board observer rights and will usually request scientific review rights when appropriate.

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