Hot Investor Mandate 4: Chinese Pharma Seeks Oncology, Neurology and Cardiovascular Therapeutic Investments Worldwide

7 Apr

A China-based pharmaceutical company is looking for any potential drug candidates that align with the company’s strategy. The firm is seeking to strengthen its R&D/manufacturing capability and portfolio/pipeline and is open to all kinds of collaboration models, including straight licensing, co-development, contract selling, equity investment, and M&A. The company is currently looking for assets globally with a focus on the US and Europe.

The firm is interested in mature or generic products in the following areas: Oncology, Neurology, Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular, Rheumatology and Inflammation, Respiratory Diseases, Infectious Diseases (except HIV), and Pediatric Diseases (except rare disease). Early stage products or platform technology with high potential or clear differentiation will also be considered. In addition, the firm is exploring emerging areas in oncology, such as immunotherapy and cell therapy. In medical technology, the firm is interested in liquid biopsy, cancer diagnostics, and next generation sequencing, and would consider in-development and products.

The firm is looking for companies with capacity and experience in implementing R&D plans. The firm is interested in assets from the US and Europe, and intends to introduce the product to the Chinese market.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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