Hot Investor Mandate 2: Strategic Fund Seeks Advanced Medtech Platform Opportunities in USA

14 Apr

A California-based firm backed by strategic LPs closed its first fund in early 2016. The firm invests in early stage healthcare technologies that are strategically relevant to its LPs, which are major foreign corporations. The firm has a fund size of $75 million and is a multi-stage investor, interested in companies from the seed stage through to late-stage venture rounds. Investments therefore vary by stage, but the firm’s Series A investments may typically be of about $1-3 million. The firm generally prefers to act as a co-investor. The firm is focused on US-based opportunities.

The firm is interested in new technologies in digital health, medical devices, diagnostics, and therapeutics. The firm’s primary focus is on the intersection between data and biotech, diagnostics and medical devices, with microfluidics, connected devices, digitization, and automation being areas of high interest. For therapeutics, the firm generally does not invest in single-asset companies; therapeutic platform technologies that have the potential to create multiple ‘shots on goal’ are preferred. The firm prefers to focus on patients for whom there is high unmet need and no currently adequate treatments; rare diseases are of high interest. The firm is a multi-stage investor, and is open to investing in assets as early as the preclinical or pre-prototype stage.

The firm seeks management teams that display knowledge of how to build a business out of a strong technology. The firm focuses on technologies that allow the firm’s LPs to provide a value-add in partnering, manufacturing or distribution; healthcare technologies involving sensors and materials science are high focus areas. The firm evaluates opportunities on a technical, clinical and leadership level; the firm then shares the results of their diligence with the company in order to help the company in their future efforts.

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