RESI on MaRS: Spotlight Your Technology in the MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge

21 Apr

By Jay Doherty, Marketing Manager, LSN


LSN is gearing up for our first international RESI event in Toronto on June 23rd, and we’re seeking the most promising early stage healthcare technologies to showcase in the MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge. Successful applicants will be showcased in an exhibition-style format throughout the full-day conference.

LSN’s internal scientific review board will choose the top 30 applicant companies to present their technologies. Presenters will gain exposure to investors and potential partners by showcasing their companies and products in a poster board format in the RESI Exhibition Hall. Unlike traditional 5- to 15-minute pitch presentations, which don’t provide any real one-on-one interaction or actionable feedback from investors, the MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge enables executives to share their pitch directly with attendees, which can generate more in-depth and frequent conversations with potential investors throughout the event.

To add some friendly competition to the mix, LSN invites all attendees to participate in the MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge as virtual investors. At the start of the day, each attendee will receive “RESI Cash” to allocate to the entrepreneurs whose technologies they expect will be most successful. The capital invested will be tallied up at the end of the day, and the top three winners will receive prizes and be featured in our RESI newsletter recap that will go out to LSN’s 23,000 newsletter readership.

Previous RESI Innovation Challenge winners include:

Please apply to the MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge today to put the spotlight on your company. We look forward to seeing you take part in our first RESI on MaRS!


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