Hot Investor Mandate 4: Boston VC Makes Early Stage Bets in Enterprise Healthcare IT

5 May

A venture capital firm based in Boston is currently investing from its third fund of $220 million closed in 2015. The firm typically is the lead and first institutional investor in early-stage companies in the enterprise information technology (IT) space, including healthcare IT. The firm’s equity investment size ranges from $2-5 million. The firm is most active on the US East Coast and would consider opportunities from across the US. The firm plans to make 5-7 new investments in the following year

Within healthcare IT, the firm is seeking systems, technologies, and services that support clinical delivery to improve outcomes and efficiency of clinical care. The firm is not interested in consumer-facing products, genomic analytics, or life sciences software. The firm is looking for innovations that have demonstrated product-market fit in the form of recurring monthly revenue of $30K or more. Pre-revenue companies may be considered if there is a strong fit with its investment thesis. When it comes to healthcare IT investments, the firm often syndicates with strategic co-investors who understand the risks in the healthcare system, such as healthcare providers and payers.

The firm is looking for competent and experienced management teams with sector expertise. The firm brings in real world experience, industry knowledge and networks, and company-building skills to its portfolio companies. The firm takes a board seat post-investment.

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