Hot Investor Mandate 1: Corporate VC Invests in Preclinical and Phase I Oncology and Dermatology Drugs

9 Jun

An open innovation program that acts as the strategic corporate venture capital arm of a large European pharmaceutical group is looking to make strategic investments, and is capable of accessing separate pools of capital from within the company. The fund is capable of making variety of different size investments with varied capital structures, from equity positions to licensing deals and acquisitions. Other than the asset’s therapeutic area of focus being aligned with the company’s mission, the timing of the asset is an important characteristic, as the fund looks to fully commit to the success of the investment and provide strategic guidance and hands-on involvement from senior decision makers and staff.

The fund is targeting therapeutics in oncology, dermatology and oncodermatology. The fund is looking for assets in pre-clinical, as early as lead optimization stages, to early-stage clinical trials (Ph. I), ideally that need fine tuning and strategic direction. That being said, it is a requirement that the company have some type of tangible asset i.e. not just an idea for a therapeutic. The fund is primarily interested in small molecules and biologics since these are the areas where their expertise lies. For the right opportunity, the fund would consider looking at additional types of therapeutics such as gene therapy, stem cells, etc. that fall within their areas of focus, however the internal process to move one of these products forward would be longer and more complicated.

The fund is actively looking for deals and is open to opportunities globally. The fund does not look to take a board seat along with all investments, unless it makes strategic sense for the company.

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