RESI on MaRS Panel Announcement: Early Stage Diagnostic Investors

9 Jun

By Cole Bunn, Senior Research Analyst, LSN

cole-wpAs we approach our third RESI event of 2016, LSN prides itself on continuing to foster an environment that allows entrepreneurs to effectively engage with investors, strategic partners and other key stakeholders that have the ability to move the needle in their venture. The value in robust networking/partnering coupled with first-hand insight from veteran investors and industry leaders, for diagnostic entrepreneurs is clear.

Moderated by Tom Miller, Managing Partner, GreyBird Ventures, this session will feature:

  • Nicola Urbani, Investment Director, Emerillon Capital
  • John Steuart, Managing Director, Steuart Ventures
  • Kathryn Deuchars, Director, Ontario Personalized Medicine Network, Ontario Genomics
  • Jeff Summer, SVP Business Development, Clinical Affairs & Genetics, LifeLabs

The investors on this panel will share their perspective and tactical guidance for shepherding a diagnostic at the early stages of development through the dynamic healthcare environment to an eventual exit.

By registering for RESI on MaRS, you’ll be able to listen to the early stage diagnostics panel live in person, and also experience numerous opportunities to expand your network in the life sciences and to learn more about the fundraising process.


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