Hot Investor Mandate 1: Private Wealth Fund Targets Preclinical Oncology Therapeutics

30 Jun

A specialist investor funded by private investors and which has operations in Europe and the USA exclusively focuses on investments in early-stage drug development companies targeting cancer therapies. The firm is most interested in companies from late seed stage to Series A. The investment size will vary, and it can range from a few hundred thousand dollars up to a couple of million dollars. The firm may make 3-4 investments in the next year, depending on the opportunity. The firm has no geographic restriction and is actively seeking new investment opportunities across the globe.

In the life sciences, the firm is currently seeking new investments targeting the development of oncology therapies, and is open to all types of therapies within the oncology space, including platform technology. The firm will not invest in medical devices or diagnostics. The firm typically invests in companies with solid preclinical proof-of-concept (late preclinical stage/pre-IND), and will fund the companies at least up to human proof-of-concept (clinical Phase Ib – Phase IIa). Historically, the firm was active in companies targeting immunotherapy and tumor cell metabolism within the oncology field, but does not restrict future investments to these strategies within oncology as the firm is open to new targets and approaches within the field.

The firm only invests in private companies with experienced management teams and breakthrough potential. The firm looks to be a lead investor and typically prefers a board seat upon investment. As a strategic investor, the firm will support portfolio companies with partnership management services, including filling management teams with experts in the field.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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