Hot Investor Mandate 2: Global Pharma Invests in New Solutions in Dermatology

14 Jul

An innovation center established by an international health care company is dedicated to advancing technologies/products/services that can improve life of people living with psoriasis and other dermatology conditions. The firm can acquire assets/companies outright or provide equity financing, but prefers to partner with companies to co-develop the technology, whether that be through one-off projects to evaluate the feasibility of the technology in a dermatology application or joint ventures. Along with capital, it also supports the company with access to patient population and a network of dermatologists and HCP’s. The firm places a strong emphasis on impacting patient’s lives. The firm will work with companies who are headquartered in, or plan to expand into, North America, Canada the United Kingdom or France.

The firm is focused on finding solutions “beyond the pill” for people living with a variety of dermatology conditions, with a particular focus on psoriasis and bridging the gap between digital and physical solutions. Current efforts are focused on psoriasis in particular, but will consider other technologies with applications in other dermatology indications. The company is not involved in traditional therapies in terms of therapeutics and/or medical devices, but rather any technology that can be used to improve the lives of psoriasis patients. These technologies could include wearables, connected devices, sensors, telemedicine, etc. that have applications in dermatology indications, preferably psoriasis. In addition, technologies in the wellness space that are relevant to patients are also a strong focus – nutrition, fitness, stress management, mental health, beauty, etc.

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