Hot Investor Mandate 2: Corporate VC Invests in Women’s Health, Regenerative Medicine and Life Science Tools

4 Aug


The strategic investment arm of a life science tools manufacturer invests from an evergreen fund, and is a multi-stage investor. Typical investments range from USD 1-5 million, but the fund may make larger trenched investments in the case of therapeutic opportunities. The firm invests in companies worldwide, and can act as either a lead investor or co-investor.

The firm has three current focus areas; women’s health, life science tools, and regenerative medicine. In women’s health, the firm is currently focused on building a cluster of technologies across the therapeutic, medical device, diagnostic and healthcare IT sectors. The firm is particularly interested in reproductive health, IVF, triple-negative breast cancer, and ovarian cancer, but will consider any opportunity in women’s health. The firm will invest in technologies at any stage of development, including very early-stage technologies. In the medtech space, the firm has a preference for 510k pathways but will look at PMA opportunities if the technology is sufficiently interesting.

The form prefers to invest in teams with a strong track record, but has also worked with first-time entrepreneurs. The firm may or may not take a board seat in a portfolio company. If a company is seeking to expand into Asia, the firm can leverage the capabilities of its parent group to help companies with global distribution and scale up.

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