Hot Investor Mandate 1: US Foundation Focuses on Diseases of the Eye

11 Aug

A foundation based in the US Midwest makes allocations to companies in the range of $1-$8 million and is capable of providing $10-$15m over the investments lifetime. The foundation’s goal is to support specific products or technologies to benefit patients. The foundation does not look to take an equity position in companies but they do look for an ROI to return capital to the foundation upon commercialization of the technology or change in ownership. The foundation primarily funds companies located in the United States but will consider opportunities located globally as well.

The foundation’s mission is to fund research that will provide preventions, treatments and cures for people affected by retinitis pigmentosa (RP),  usher syndrome, and the entire spectrum of inherited retinal degenerative diseases. The foundation is currently looking to fund companies in the therapeutics sector and will consider companies working in areas of small molecules, biologics, gene therapy, and regenerative medicine that target those indications. The Foundation primarily funds companies that are just preparing to enter the IND enabling stage, companies in pre-clinical through Phase II clinical trials will also be considered.

The foundation has a world class Scientific Advisory Board, and in addition to financial support, it provides significant technical and clinical guidance to the projects/companies it funds. Since the foundation often supports companies that do not have complete management teams, the the foundation provides expertise and access to many experts in the field that will help aid companies. In addition the foundation has a registry of potential patients for clinical trials and close relationships with key players in the ophthalmic pharmaceutical industry to help facilitate collaborations.

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