Hot Investor Mandate 9: Large Pharma Firm Focuses on Oncology, Women’s Health, Cardiology and Diagnostics

24 Nov

A major global pharma firm with over $10 billion in annual sales is seeking innovative drugs and noel therapeutic approaches to supplement the firm’s pipeline.  The firm focuses on prescription products in cardiology, women’s healthcare, oncology, hematology and ophthalmology. The firm also has a radiology business which markets diagnostic imaging equipment together with the necessary contrast agents.

Within the Life Science space the firm is interested in pre-clinical stage small molecules and biologics as well as imaging agents, biomarkers and companion diagnostics targeting a number of various indications. In the oncology space the firm is interested in assets targeting solid tumors at all development stages starting from compounds with proof of efficacy in animals. Mechanisms of action of particular interest include Oncogenic Signaling, Antibody-Drug Conjugates, Thorium Conjugates and Immuno-Oncology. The firm is also very interested in women’s health and is willing to look very early in this indication area, requiring just a validated target. Within gynecology, the firm is interested in Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The firm also has interest in Cardiology mainly in diseases/conditions that are treated by specialists. These include Heart Diseases, Vascular Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Lung Diseases, Hemostatic Disorders and Acute Organ Disorders.

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