RESI San Francisco Panel Announcement: Medical Device Investors

8 Dec

By Cole Bunn, Senior Research Analyst, LSN


The various panels that run throughout the day at every RESI conference serves to educate entrepreneurs on how various investors (VCs, corporates, angels, family offices, etc.) are looking at innovation in their specific sector and tactical guidance for how to approach and interact with them, including the nuances of commercializing these technologies and current happenings in their respective market. Medtech, especially in recent years, has taken a backseat to biopharma with lower valuations and fewer exit partners, however many early-stage investors and entrepreneurs alike, still believe there is value to be unlocked.

During RESI@JPM, a group of seasoned medical device investors will explore the state of the early-stage medtech space, discuss personal successes and failures in funding novel medical technologies and share with the entrepreneurs in the audience do’s and don’ts of fundraising in this challenging sector.

Medical Device investor panelists will include the following:

By registering for RESI San Francisco, you’ll be able to listen to the Medical Device investors panel live in person, and also experience numerous opportunities to expand your network in the life sciences and to learn more about the fundraising process.


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