Calling All Capital Raising CEOs

15 Dec

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

As crazy as this may sound, LSN has more early stage investors signed up for Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference (423 registered) than we have fundraising CEOs and scientist-entrepreneurs. I mean think about it! Raising capital is first and foremost a numbers game – you need to get in front of as many investors as possible to increase your chance of meeting the right set of players for your companies stage of development and product. RESI on January 10th at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel will provide an unprecedented moment to get you and your firm in front of the two kind of early stage investors that show up at RESI conferences.

The first group typically has a mandate to invest capital in a particular disease, platform or service. This means the money has been appropriated and they are actively seeking firms to fulfill their current investment mandates and allocate funds. The second group of investors are what I call opportunistic. If they see something interesting, they will put some money in; they don’t always need to have a preapproved mandate to invest. Many of both are attending the upcoming RESI event, and having these two kind of prominent investor types in abundance is a boon for companies looking for capital.

Historically, the last two weeks is when a lot of attendees register and start to plan out their activities in the conference arena. This tactical plan usually works well; however, being JPM, the biggest mega life science show on the planet, the old rules don’t apply. We sent out an alert last week that we fear we may have to close down registrations because we have a limit on the number of people the venue can hold. Now we actually think we may have more investors than capital raisers. January 10th is an unprecedented opportunity to meet investors, start a dialogue that leads to a relationship and hopefully an allocation in the future. The capital will not come and find you. You need to do whatever you can to get in front of investors. This is the 11th RESI conference in 3 years, it’s working, and I hope we can move the needle in early stage life science investing. We are calling all capital raising CEOs take advantage of this opportunity. Click here to register for RESI @ JPM


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