Hot Investor Mandate 3: Family Office Seeking Seed Stage Investment Opportunities in Healthcare

23 Mar

Family office based in Seattle, WA typically provides $50K equity capital to seed stage companies in the life science space, but has invested up to $500K in the past. The firm is looking to make about 2-3 investments per year. Additionally, the firm will provide strategic and directional expertise to their portfolio companies and support their growth to later developmental stages. The firm considers US-based companies with a focus in the West Coast.

The firm is open to all sectors within the life science space including therapeutics, diagnostics, medical technology, and healthcare IT. The firm is particularly interested in companies developing therapeutic products of all indications, as the firm’s strongest expertise lies in this space. The firm will consider companies with assets that are pre-clinical or in Phase I clinical trials. In terms of medical technology, the firm will consider medical devices in development or undergoing clinical trials, and is open to those in 510k and PMA regulatory pathways.

The firm is a passive, early-stage investor and will not require a board seat in portfolio companies. The firm seeks to work with passionate, experienced entrepreneurs with a track record of success, but will not rule out companies that are run by first-time entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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