Identifying Strategic Partners in Asia

30 Mar

By Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH, Director of Research & Asia Business Development Liaison, LSN

Shaoyu 10*10

The Asia Pacific region represents a diverse healthcare marketplace, where each country comes with a unique set of challenges including regulatory approval, reimbursement, distribution channels, and healthcare practice. North American startups can benefit from working with strategic partners who could help them navigate the complex landscape. Corporations from Asia Pacific are also strongly motivated to seek collaborators from overseas.

In the biopharma field, Japanese big pharmaceutical companies have entered the global biopharma arena through M&A since 1980s. Now armed with strong R&D capability, they are looking to collaborate with biotech startups and commercialize their products globally. Chinese pharmaceutical firms are jumping into the fray in recent years, with an aim to modernize China’s pharma industry and obtain an entry portal to advanced economy markets.

Opportunities are abundant within HealthTech. Many investment groups from Asia are focusing on medical devices, diagnostics, and genomics that are faced with lower risks and shorter development time. In addition, traditional IT, manufacturing, and food industries in Asia are looking to break into healthcare. By working with them, entrepreneurs could also gain support in software development, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing.

RESI Toronto provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet potential Asian partners face-to-face. Two exciting panels are organized on pharma and HealthTech, respectively:

Asia Pharma Partners

Asia HealthTech Partners

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